June 21st 2019

It’s that day of the year again, the longest day, the day the Sun is at it’s highest position and we get to enjoy our daytime activities for some wonderful extra minutes.
At Dot and Above we created our first collection as an ode to the Sun. Our big start, our glorious beacon of life.

We wanted to celebrate our first month of life as a label and bring our debut collection to the closest point to the Sun in inner London, our city.

So we grabbed our camera, called some strikingly beautiful and powerful friends and off we went to Hampstead Heath!
To our surprise (hey, it’s London) the Sun came out to celebrate with us! We walked some hills up and down, we played with some doggies, and we let the warmth of our star run through our skin.

The Sol Collection is a celebration of life, a reminder of how the Sun is essential for all life to exist in our planet. Our one planet.
See the whole editorial here.

Thank you David Wilman, our photographer. Nabila, Wing and Sarah and Ashley from BMA Models.


April 30th 2019

When preparing our launch we thought what better way to do it than sharing it with other likeminded, hard working and responsible designers.
Our friends at WeWork let us use the top floor of one of their buildings to host an event that evolved into something we couldn’t have dreamt of.

We researched for the best independent UK based labels working with sustainability at the core of their practices. We wanted to bring people the opportunity to see first hand that it is possible to create real clothes, real fashion, without harming the planet and its peoples.

For our event we invited 5 labels that we fell in love with, some we already knew, some we found on our research. Ryka London, Gung Ho, Sophie Hawkins, Cor and Harriet Kjellman.
It was a huge success and being surrounded buy such wonderful designers was a true blessing to us as a tiny starting label. Their involvement in the event was out of this world, I will forever be thankful to them for their generosity, their hard work and their incredible set of values. THANK YOU.

Here are some images of the night!




Our debut, The Sol Collection celebrates our big star.

We’ve used premium GOTS certified organic cottons, the most luxurious silks and non toxic dyes for this very special debut collection.

When envisioning this collection we remembered endless days laying on the grass, feeling the warmth of the Sun in our country of origin, Spain.

The Sol Jacket allows you to carry the Sun with you wherever you go…
The SunBlush coord is an ode to the first colour the Sun gives to your skin, the most beautiful natural blush…
The Floaties (or What do you call those things that you see when you look at the sky..?) coord print represents…well, those things!
The Shadow Suit joins light and shade in the most conformable of jumpsuits.
Our accessories, the SunBACK, the SunBUM and the SunHAT are as bright as they can be so you bring the light with you.

Dot and Above is all about expression, and with our debut collection we want you to feel your clothes, to be empowered by them, like the Sun powers our bodies and our planet.

Check out the whole lookbook shot by the incredible David Wilman right here. Thank you my muses, Cristina Buriticá and Grace Acladna.