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DOT and ABOVE was created by artist Begoña Toledo in 2018.
We’re an urban, non trend orientated duo-brand (two brands, one name). We design for women who don’t care too much about following what the world of fashion dictates to them, they care about expressing themselves in a timeless, bold and original way.
Choosing what we’re wearing is the first creative decision we make in our daily lives. It’s the first form of expression. DOT and ABOVE is all about EXPRESSION.


Responsibility is at the core of our house.
At the moment every piece you buy from us is made by hand at our North London atelier. As we expand we promise to be 100% transparent on our practices, sourcing and fairness.

We believe in a future where the concept of sustainable fashion will be the norm and not the exception.

We want you to love our products with the hope that you will wear them for many years to come. We will always work in developing new design and production solutions to make this possible while respecting the planet and its peoples.



What is DOT?
What’s ABOVE?

DOT is our contribution to urban wear: clean shapes, bold prints, timeless design, oversized goodness. Expect rich organic cottons, linen and hemp. Inspired by our cities and busy lives, with an added twist that brings joy to our day.

ABOVE is everything… above DOT. It’s the elevated you. It's you when you wanna conquer the world, or that event, or your workplace if you’re feeling brave.
ABOVE will bring you more complex shapes, even bolder prints, lush finishes and that extra bit of sophisticated fun and playfulness we all need in our wardrobe.